Wednesday, September 29, 2004

VFP UG link updated

Thanks to Chuck for fixing up our User group bio on the Australian User groups page. Check it out here:

Web cast debrief

Well, a big well done and congratulations to Paul, Craig and Castro for their excellent presentations, and especially to Andrew for coordinating the event.
A few technical issues were experienced, but given we are pushing new ground this is to be expected. We'll have these sorted for next month. And speaking of next month, please join us to hear Andrew Coates speaking about VFP and MapPoint (he's the great speaker I was referring to in my question).
I'm here at Devcon getting ready to start some sessions in approx 4 hours time (yep, jet lag will do that for you) but I wouldn't have missed the online web cast for anything - a very exciting event. And let's hope it paves the way for other groups to use the technology - we were the guinea pigs on this one I guess (I knw web casts have been around for a while, but switching speakers and machines is not common).
Thanks again to everyone, especially for bearing with us for the few technical hitches, we'll see you again next month.

VFP UG Webcast details

Sorry for the late notice - details of how to connect to the user group are at

Friday, September 24, 2004

September 29 meeting

Don't miss our September meeting (next Wed 29 at 6:30pm)
We have 4 great speakers, each discussing a mini topic, including web services, XML, VFP9 and ActiveX controls.
Also, this will be a combined meeting with the Melbourne VFP user group - and looks to be our biggest meeting so far.
See our website for more details:

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

September meeting line up

We are lucky to have Craig Franklin, Eka Tjhauw, Castro Shehata and Paul Hemans all speaking at our September 29 meeting.

And coming up in October Andrew Coates will be presenting on MapPoint which has just been released in an Australian version. This is a preview of his bonus talk at OzFox (yes you heard it here first, Andrew will be one of the OzFox bonus speakers)!

And in November we are privileged to feature David Bower giving a post-Southwest Fox brain dump.