Monday, February 21, 2005

UG homepage updated

I've updated the homepage and added a few more links to VFP related sites

Sydney VFP UG survey

I'm starting to plan out the year for the UG meetings.

If you've got a few spare minutes I'd appreciate your thoughts on the following questions. Drop me an email with your responses to

1. Should our presentations be predominantly VFP only?
(ie exclude topics on SQL Server, interacting with Office etc)

2. Do you want to see topics that deal with web development using VFP?
(eg West-Wind and others)

3. Do you want to see topics on 3rd party tools?
(eg Stonefield Query, XFRX, FoxFire, Frameworks, HTML Help Builder etc)

4. Are you interested in topics covering VFP and .Net?

5. Are you interested in topics that cover VFP and Linux?

6. Would you like to be a UG presenter?

7. If yes, is there a particular topic you would like to present on?

8. Is the 6:30-8:30pm slot ideal for you?
(Some other UGs go for 3 hours+)

9. Do you like joining with the Melbourne group or would you prefer to be separate?

Sydney VFP UG meeting postponed until March

Hi everyone,
I'm very sorry to inform you that UG is postponed for this month.
I had originally planned to resume the meeting this Wednesday (23 March) but due to my late return from OS and a stack of distractions I haven't been able to organise a proper set of presentations for the meeting.
I considered resuming with a 'lite' meeting but then thought better of it. Your time is valuable, so I'd rather make sure the user meeting is a good use of our time.
See you next month.