Monday, March 07, 2005

Sydney VFP UG survey results

Here's a summary of your replies to the UG survey:

1. Should our presentations be predominantly VFP only?
(ie exclude topics on SQL Server, interacting with Office etc)
You said:
In general yes, these days we use VFP with a variety of other tools, so it is important we know about them and how to use them effectively
However, we are a VFP UG, so we should focus on the strengths of VFP

2. Do you want to see topics that deal with web development using VFP?
(eg West-Wind and others)
You said:

3. Do you want to see topics on 3rd party tools?
(eg Stonefield Query, XFRX, FoxFire, Frameworks, HTML Help Builder etc)
You said:
In general yes, but only for around 25% time max of UG meetings. It is important that they don't turn into sales presentations and may be best presented as a comparison of features

4. Are you interested in topics covering VFP and .Net?
You said:
Yes, but only if it is useful to our development (ie not just for the sake of discussing .net)

5. Are you interested in topics that cover VFP and Linux?
You said:
In general no

6. Would you like to be a UG presenter?
Thank you to those who offered to present

7. If yes, is there a particular topic you would like to present on?
There are some interesting suggestions for topics coming through, many thanks, these include:
- More on CursorAdaptors
- Windows Messaging Events (BINDEVENTS)
- Using PDAs and Fox
- Using C++ in Fox
- Using web browser control for rich UI's
- VFP COM and .Net or VFP COM Forms as Application servers
- Implementing good design
- More on using Geographic data
- Microsoft Empower program

8. Is the 6:30-8:30pm slot ideal for you?
(Some other UGs go for 3 hours+)
Most said this was ideal, a few were happy to go for longer

9. Do you like joining with the Melbourne group or would you prefer to be separate?
Most people like the idea of the combined group as it leads to greater variety of presenters and knowledge. However, most found the technology too distracting and would thus prefer to be separate. So there are actually two issues here.
I will discuss this with Microsoft. Also, some training on presenting may be appropriate.
I feel this is important because some of our members are unable to physically attend (eg our friends out at the CSIRO).

Other thoughts:
Here's some extra suggestions from people for the UG(s)
- Social functions
- Some nights dedicated to development, others to tools, the attendence numbers may be a helpful guide to future meeting topics
- Sydney vs Melbourne UG code challenge:
Two open source projects that run for 4-6 months where members of both UG's collaborate to produce the best solution to a given problem. An independent judge determines a winner and source code made available to both UG's. Fame and fortune to the winning UG.
- please provide automatic reminder notifications of UG meetings the day before

- Did you know the Singapore Foxies are possibly dialing into our UG webcast?

Many thanks,

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